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Raising awareness campaign

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This workshop deals with literacy awareness raising campaigns and presents initiatives taken by associations from three different countries: Scotland, French-speaking Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland.

The Scottish campaign The Big Plus is the illustration of a substantially budgeted national campaign, implemented by a communications agency and supported by the government. At first planned to raise the awareness of public opinion on the illiteracy problem and to increase the number of learners, it currently has several sections: The Big Plus for Business, The Big Plus for Young People and The Big Plus for Libraries, plus a website.

Lire et Écrire Communauté française (Belgium) presents its latest awareness raising initiatives, which specifically associate different learner groups right from the conceptual phase of the projects. Several learners, who are at the origin of such initiatives at regional level, also present their achievements and explain their current role in the creative process.

Lire et Écrire Suisse romande presents the main outlines of an awareness raising campaign (2006-2009), that will target very specific groups of people.

Participants review the sources of funding for their awareness raising activities (for instance, Lire et Écrire Suisse romande is expecting government financing before launching its campaign) and admit that, although employers are difficult targets, they nevertheless remain a priority for future campaigns.