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Main features produced by the participants during the seminar

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This closing session summarizes the main ideas expressed by the workshop participants. It also draws some more general conclusions on the work carried out during the four-day seminar.

Two observations are essential: the lack of experience capitalizing and the repeated need for mass awareness raising campaigns on the illiteracy issue.

However, one notices very clear developments, in particular greater professionalisation of stakeholders and improved formalisation of practices: “quality” approach, terms of reference, etc.

One should underline that in the different presentations that were made, there was a very strong will to reconcile the need for rationalisation, formalisation and efficiency with grassroots education values and with the concern to maintain the learner at the heart of the process, thus needing to face a certain degree of complexity.

Another question is that of the place of literacy in the general context of adult education and life-long learning and training. Moreover, one may also wonder how to situate the different terms of reference as regards the European Qualification Framework.

Finally, the session ends with a discussion on the items at stake in setting up a European literacy network.